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This article helps inspire and guide teenagers interested in exploring the world of entrepreneurship. Our aim is to provide a variety of small business ideas for teens, each with its unique flair and opportunity for growth and learning. Whether you’re creatively inclined, tech-savvy, or passionate about helping others, there’s something here for everyone. Get ready to dive into a journey of entrepreneurial discovery.

1. Social Media Consulting

Social media consulting is one of the great small business ideas for teens who are experts in Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Teens can use their knowledge to help businesses enhance their online presence. This role involves crafting engaging posts and increasing visibility, providing an opportunity to learn valuable marketing and communication skills.

Social media consulting businesses can be cost-effective small business ideas for teens wanting to be their boss and work flexible hours, offering the potential for good earnings.

2. Digital Content Creation

Digital content creation is one of the exciting small business ideas for teens in today’s digital era. Teens can use their video, graphic, or writing talents to make creative content. This business idea allows teens to start their ventures, offering local or online business services.

It’s more than just earning money; it’s about developing digital marketing and design skills. Teen business owners can make videos, design graphics, and write articles. They work with small businesses and social media influencers or run their stores.

3. Virtual Tutoring

Virtual tutoring services are fantastic small business ideas for teens who excel in subjects like math, science, or foreign languages. There is an increasing need for virtual tutoring. Straits Research reported that online tutoring is expected to grow 14.2% by 2030.

Teens can teach students over the Internet using video calls, offering a convenient way to share knowledge and assist others. Starting a virtual tutoring business allows teens to earn extra money.

4. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is an excellent small business idea for teens passionate about writing. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, teens skilled in storytelling or straightforward communication can write content for blogs, websites, and online stores.

As freelance writers, teens can create various types of content for brands and businesses, offering flexibility to be their boss and work on their schedule. These small business ideas for teens require only a computer and an internet connection.

5. Graphic Design

Graphic designing is one of the small business ideas for teens with a talent for creating visually appealing designs. They can use their talent to develop logos and promotional materials. Teens with free time enjoy drawing or using design software. They can start small businesses to help other companies and online stores stand out.

6. E-commerce Reselling

E-commerce reselling is one of the small business ideas for teens interested in selling unique or handmade items online. Teens who enjoy crafting, designing jewelry, or discovering vintage clothing can start their online store. They can do this on platforms like Etsy or eBay. This business model is about more than just earning extra cash. It also teaches teens essential business skills like pricing, marketing, and order management.

Setting up an e-commerce reselling business is simple. It requires creating an account and listing items. It allows teens to be creative, work independently, and connect with customers worldwide. For insights on selecting the ideal payment processor for your online business, check out Academy Ecommerce’s comprehensive guide.

7. App Development

App development is one of the fantastic business ideas for teens who are into technology and creativity. With app development, you can create apps that solve problems, entertain people, or even help small businesses with their work. This is a great way to use your tech skills to make something valuable and fun.

Plus, you get to be your boss, work on projects, and learn much about technology and business. Starting an app development business doesn’t require a lot of money. Still, it does need some coding knowledge and a computer.

8. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is another excellent small business idea for teens who want to sell products online without keeping some stuff in stock. In a dropshipping business, you set up an online store, like Shopify, and sell products.

To learn the essentials of creating and managing an online store, consider enrolling in Academy Ecommerce’s Shopify 101 course. When someone buys something, the order goes to the supplier. Suppliers ship the products directly to the customer. This means you don’t need to worry about storing or shipping the products.

9. Podcasting

One of the best small business ideas for teens who love to talk and share their thoughts or expertise is podcasting. Suppose you’re a teen with exciting ideas, stories, or knowledge about a topic. In that case, you can start your podcast and reach listeners worldwide.

You can talk about anything you’re passionate about, like music, sports, books, or even your experiences as a teen. This is a great way to express yourself and connect with people who share your interests.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Easy small business ideas for teens can include affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is great, especially if you’re into social media or blogging. Affiliate marketing means you promote products and get a bonus for every sale made through your referral. This is a terrific way for teens to make money by sharing products they like.

11. Photography Services

Photography businesses can be fantastic small business ideas for teens passionate about capturing moments with a camera. Suppose you’re a teen who loves taking photos. In that case, you can offer photography services for weddings, parties, or family gatherings. This is a fantastic way to turn your hobby into a business. Starting a photography business can be exciting.

12. Fitness Coaching

Successful business for teens can include fitness coaching. This is an excellent idea for teens passionate about health and exercise. If you love working out and know a lot about fitness, you can offer workout plans and guidance to others. As a teen fitness coach, you can create personalized workout plans for your clients, give them tips on exercise techniques, and motivate them to stay on track.

13. Language Translation

Language translation is among the best small business ideas for teens fluent in multiple languages. If you’re a teen who can speak and write in different languages, you can offer translation services to people and businesses that must communicate with diverse audiences. As a teen translator, you can translate documents and websites or help with language in meetings or conferences. You can work with local businesses, online businesses, or even individuals who need help understanding or communicating in a different language.

14. Custom Merchandise Printing

If you’re looking for creative small business ideas for teens, you might want to check out custom merchandise printing. Young entrepreneurs who are creative and love designing can create an online business or sell at local craft fairs by creating custom merchandise.

Custom merchandise printing involves creating and printing custom designs on products like T-shirts, mugs, and more. If you’re a teen who enjoys graphic design or has fantastic design ideas, this could be a great way to start your own business.

15. Freelance Coding

For those who are into technology and programming, freelance coding can be another of the great small business ideas for teens. If you’re a teen who knows how to code, you can offer your skills to work on website development and software solutions. This is an excellent way for tech-savvy teens to use their coding knowledge to help businesses or individuals with their tech needs.

As a freelance coder, you can work on various projects, like building websites, creating apps, or fixing existing software bugs. You can offer your services to local and online businesses or even start your own business by creating and selling your software.

16. Virtual Event Planning

Virtual event planning is one of the exciting small business ideas for teens, especially for those who are organized and have a knack for bringing people together. This role is perfect for teens who are good at planning and coordinating and want to help manage online celebrations and gatherings.

As a virtual event planner, teens can manage various events, such as online birthday parties, webinars, or workshops. Responsibilities include overseeing the planning process, coordinating with participants, and ensuring the event runs smoothly.

17. Gaming Tutorials and Streaming

Gaming tutorials and streaming are popular small business ideas for teens who love video games and want to share their gaming skills with others. If you’re a teen gamer who’s good at a particular online game or enjoys playing and talking about games, you can create gaming tutorials or stream your gameplay online.

As a gaming tutor or streamer, you can create videos or live streams showing how to play games, share tips and tricks, or entertain viewers with your gameplay. You can use Twitch or YouTube to broadcast your gaming sessions and interact with your audience.

18. Gardening Services

Gardening services are one of the practical small business ideas for teens who enjoy being outdoors and have a green thumb. Teens can offer landscaping services locally, helping neighbors and community members with their garden maintenance. This can be a great neighborhood services business idea. It is perfect for teens who love nature and are knowledgeable about making outdoor spaces look beautiful.

As a teen gardener, you can provide various services, such as a lawn care business, planting flowers, weeding, and general garden upkeep. You can work on small residential gardens or even larger properties that need regular maintenance.

19. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Pet sitting and dog walking are excellent small business ideas for teens who love animals and want to help pet owners. If you’re a teen who enjoys spending time with pets, you can start a pet care business locally. This business idea is perfect for teens who are responsible and caring and enjoy being outdoors. You can offer services like dog walking, feeding pets, and even staying with them when their owners are away.

20. Customized Fashion Design

Customized fashion design is one of the creative small business ideas for teens passionate about style and creativity. Teens interested in fashion can start a new business by creating unique pieces. This good business idea is great for teens who enjoy sewing, drawing, and experimenting with different styles and materials.

21. Meal Prep Services

If you’re a teen who loves to cook and is good at organizing, you can start a business preparing and delivering meals. This is one of the best small business ideas for teens who have a knack for creating delicious, nutritious meals and want to make life easier for people who don’t have time to cook.

Starting a meal prep service allows teens to showcase their culinary skills and help others maintain a balanced diet. You can offer various meal options, cater to specific dietary needs, and even provide weekly meal plans. This is one of the small business ideas for teens that allows them to work from home, be creative in the kitchen, and develop entrepreneurial skills.

22. Remote Tech Support

Remote tech support is one of the practical small business ideas for teens with a knack for technology and problem-solving. Teens who understand computers and software can offer remote tech support, helping people with technical issues right from home.

These are teenage business ideas ideal for tech-savvy teens who are patient and enjoy assisting others in resolving tech problems. Starting a remote tech support business requires only a reliable computer and internet connection. It’s a flexible way for teens to apply their tech skills and provide valuable assistance, making it a perfect fit among small business ideas for teens interested in technology.

23. Social Media Marketing Workshops

Social media marketing workshops are creative small business ideas for teens skilled in digital marketing. Teens knowledgeable about social media can teach others how to effectively market on these platforms. According to Forbes, social media has helped to increase brand loyalty, especially among users 18 to 24 years old. These are easy small business ideas for teens who like sharing their expertise and have a background in social media marketing.

Hosting workshops allows teens to guide small business owners and aspiring social media influencers in creating engaging content and growing their online presence. It’s an excellent way for teens to enhance their presentation skills and establish themselves as experts in social media marketing.

24. DIY Craft Kits

DIY craft kits are among the fantastic small business ideas for teens who enjoy crafting. Teens can own businesses where they can design and sell kits with materials and instructions for projects like jewelry making or painting. This idea suits teens who want to share their crafting skills and inspire others.

Selling DIY craft kits allows teens to express their creativity, learn about business, connect with craft enthusiasts, and trade in local stores. It’s an excellent way for teens to turn their hobby into a profitable venture while encouraging creativity in others.

25. Vintage Clothing Resale

Vintage clothing resale is one of the stylish small business ideas for fashion-savvy teens. They can curate and sell unique, retro clothing pieces online, appealing to fashion enthusiasts seeking one-of-a-kind items. This venture is ideal for teens who enjoy discovering treasures in thrift stores or family wardrobes.

Selling vintage clothing allows a teen entrepreneur to express their fashion sense, learn about e-commerce and marketing, and promote sustainable fashion. It’s an excellent way for teens to start a business and connect with customers who appreciate vintage style.

26. Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistant services are versatile small business ideas for organized teens with good communication skills. Teens can offer assistance with tasks like email management and scheduling for small business owners or online businesses.

This online business idea is ideal for teens earning additional money and developing valuable time management and administration skills. As a virtual assistant, teens can work remotely, manage their hours, and gain experience in various business operations. It’s an excellent way for teens to enter the professional world while offering much-needed support to busy professionals.

27. Interior Design Consultation

Interior design consultation is one of the small business ideas for teens interested in home decor and design. Teens can offer virtual advice to clients who want to improve their living spaces. This excellent business idea allows creative teens to use their design skills to help others beautify their homes.

Through online consultations, teens can suggest room layouts, color schemes, and furniture choices. It’s an excellent way for teens to gain experience in interior design, client communication, and business management while expressing their artistic talents.

28. Subscription Box Service

Subscription box services are innovative small business ideas for teens who love curating niche products. Teens can create and manage subscription boxes that regularly deliver specially selected items to subscribers.

This business model is perfect for teens with a keen eye for unique or trendy products in areas like beauty, snacks, or hobbies. Teens can design boxes around specific themes, carefully choose products, and offer a surprise element to customers each month. It’s an excellent way for teens to learn about product selection, customer satisfaction, and running their own businesses, all while building a loyal customer base.

29. Online Art Classes

Online art classes are cool business ideas for teens who are talented in art and enjoy teaching. Teens can offer classes where they teach different art techniques over the internet. This lucrative business allows teens to share their artistic knowledge and valuable skills with others, helping them learn and grow in their art journey.

Teens can conduct classes on drawing, painting, or any other art form they excel in. This perfect business idea allows teens to earn money and inspire and educate others from the comfort of their homes.

30. Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching

Mindfulness and wellness coaching is one of the small business ideas for teens focused on promoting mental health and well-being. Teens can offer virtual sessions on meditation, stress management, and other wellness practices. This small business idea enables teens to share mindfulness techniques, helping others achieve a more balanced and peaceful lifestyle.

Teens can own businesses and develop and host online sessions, providing guidance and support to clients seeking relaxation and stress relief. It’s an effective way for teens to positively influence mental health and gain valuable coaching experience.

31. Blogging

Blogging is a great small business idea for teens who want to share their interests and passions with low startup costs. Teens can create a blog on topics they love, like fashion, gaming, cooking, or travel. By writing engaging posts, they can attract readers and monetize their blogs through affiliate links, sponsored content, and advertisements.

Blogging not only allows teens to express themselves and connect with a broader audience but also teaches valuable skills in writing, digital marketing, and online entrepreneurship. It’s a creative way for teens to earn money while doing something they enjoy.

32. Web Design

Web design is one of the many small business ideas for teens who are into tech and making fabulous websites or apps. If you’re a teen who likes coding and making things look good online, you can start being a web designer. You can create websites for local shops or your own projects. It’s a fun way for teens to use tech skills, make neat websites, and learn about running a business. You just need a computer to be excited about design and tech.

33. Tech Consulting

Tech consulting is an excellent idea for teens interested in technology who want to be a small business owner. Teens can advise on software implementation and improving efficiency for businesses or individuals. This role involves understanding different types of software and how they can help make tasks easier and quicker.

It’s perfect for tech-savvy teens who enjoy problem-solving and assisting others to use technology effectively. Starting a tech consulting business can teach teens valuable skills in tech, communication, and business management, making it a superb option among small business ideas for teens.

34. Hand Car Wash

Starting a hand car wash service is one of the practical small business ideas for teens who want to work in their local area. A car washing business offers teens personalized car washing services in their neighborhood. It’s an excellent way for teens to earn money, learn about business, and provide a helpful service. Plus, it’s flexible, so teens can set their own hours and rates. This is one of the best business ideas for teens who like being active and outdoors.

35. Gift Wrapping

Offering gift-wrapping services is one of the small business ideas for teens, especially those who love to be creative. Teens can wrap gifts for birthdays, holidays, or other special events. It’s fun to make presents look amazing and help people who need to improve wrapping. You don’t need a lot of stuff to start this business, just some wrapping paper, ribbons, and your imagination. It’s a terrific way for teens to earn extra cash and show off their artistic skills.

36. Video Game Company

Creating and playing video games can be one of the great small business ideas for teens who are into gaming and making things. Teens can learn to make their own video games or apps using their skills in coding and design.

This business is about turning a hobby of playing video games into a way to make money and do something creative. Teens can work on their game ideas, build, and share them with others. It’s a fun way to combine tech skills with creativity.

37. Dance Studio

Starting a dance studio is one of the exciting small business ideas for teens passionate about dance. Teens can have a small business, offer dance lessons and classes in various styles, and share their love for movement and rhythm.

This business allows teens to teach others, from beginners to those looking to improve their skills. It’s an excellent way for teens to express themselves through dance while earning money. Managing a dance studio also teaches valuable lessons in organization, communication, and entrepreneurship, making it a fulfilling choice among small business ideas for teens.

38. Online Resale

One of the small business ideas for teens is to start an online resale business. Teens can find fantastic items at thrift stores or sales and sell online. This is perfect for teens with an eye for unique stuff and who want to learn about e-commerce.

They can use websites like eBay or Etsy to list their finds and reach buyers. It’s a fun way to make money, learn about online selling, and even help recycle cool things. Plus, teens can manage this business from home in their free time.

39. Karaoke Bar

Karaoke bars are fun small business ideas for teens. Teens can set up mini karaoke events where people sing and enjoy music. This business idea is excellent for social teens who like organizing events and music. They can find a place, set up a karaoke machine, and invite people to sing. Teens can charge a small fee or offer snacks and drinks for extra money. It’s a terrific way for teens to learn about running a business, managing events, and having fun with music.

40. Errand Running

Errand running is one of the practical small business ideas for teens who want to help people in their community. Teens can offer to run errands for those who can’t do them themselves, like seniors or busy family members. This can include grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, or even doing small household tasks. It’s an excellent way for teens to make extra cash while helping others.

It teaches skills like time management, responsibility, and customer service. This idea only requires a little to start, just a willingness to help and a means of transportation.

41. Photo Booth

Running a photo booth is one of the great small business ideas for teens. It’s a fun and creative way for young entrepreneurs to earn money while capturing memories at events like weddings, birthday parties, and school functions. As a teen, you can set up a photo booth with props and backdrops, offering instant prints or digital copies.

42. Dog Treat Business

Creating a homemade dog treat business is among the excellent small business ideas for teens passionate about pets and cooking. This venture teaches teens vital entrepreneurial skills, including business management, customer interactions, and pet nutrition. It’s a fantastic way for teens to engage in a rewarding activity while learning valuable lessons in entrepreneurship.

43. Grocery Delivery Service

Starting a grocery delivery service is a practical choice among small business ideas for teens. It involves delivering groceries to customers’ doorsteps, which can be a great business idea for teens with access to a vehicle or can use a bike in a local area.

This service is precious to elderly or busy individuals who appreciate the convenience. Teens can partner with local businesses to broaden their reach. This delivery service business offers helpful community service and teaches teens about time management, customer service, and responsibility.

44. Laundry Service

Offering laundry services is one of the small business ideas for teens that cater to busy individuals and families. Teens can provide washing, drying, and folding services, making life easier for those who struggle to keep up with their laundry due to tight schedules.

This business idea helps others and teaches teens responsibility, time management, and organizational skills. Additionally, it’s an excellent way for teens to learn about the value of customer satisfaction and reliability. By advertising through local channels and social media platforms, teens can effectively promote their laundry service and grow their customer base.

45. Paint Party Business

A paint party business is an exciting small business idea for teens. They can host paint parties for birthdays, team-building events, or fun. This business allows teens to explore their creativity while teaching others to paint. It’s a great way to socialize, learn about event planning, and develop artistic skills. Teens can promote their paint party business through social media platforms and local craft fairs, making it known in their community. This business idea is enjoyable and helps teens build confidence in their organizational and leadership abilities.

46. Candle Making

Candle-making is one of the most creative and enjoyable small business ideas for teens. Teens can explore their artistic side by creating and selling homemade candles and learning about scents, colors, and techniques. This business offers flexibility and allows teens to express their creativity while learning about product development, marketing, and sales.

Promoting their candles through social media platforms and local craft fairs can help increase visibility and sales. Candle-making is a fun activity and an excellent way for teens to develop entrepreneurial skills and potentially grow successful businesses.

47. YouTube Channel

Starting YouTube channels is a dynamic small business idea for teens. They can create content on topics they’re passionate about, such as hobbies, skills, or interests. This platform allows teens to express themselves, share knowledge, and connect with a global audience. Running a YouTube channel helps teens develop valuable skills in video production, digital marketing, and content creation. It’s a way to become a social media influencer while learning about online media and communication. This business idea involves making videos, building a brand, and engaging followers.

48. Dog Grooming

Starting a dog grooming business can be one of the practical small business ideas for teens who love animals. This service involves bathing, brushing, and grooming dogs to keep them clean and healthy. Teens can learn about different breeds and their specific grooming needs and develop skills in handling and caring for pets.

This business provides a valuable service to pet owners and allows teens to gain hands-on experience in pet care. It’s rewarding for teens to combine their love for animals with a practical business venture.

49. Craft Fair Vendor

Becoming a craft fair vendor is a creative small business idea for teens. Teens can use their artistic talents to make and sell crafts like jewelry, artwork, or handmade decorations. Selling at local craft fairs allows teens to showcase their work, learn about customer interaction, and understand the business side of crafting. This experience also helps them develop marketing and sales skills. Teens can use social media to promote their crafts and gain a wider audience. Being a craft fair vendor is a great way to earn money and a fun way to express creativity.

50. House Cleaning

Starting a house cleaning service is one of the practical and rewarding small business ideas for teens. It involves cleaning and tidying homes for busy clients who prefer professional help. Teens can learn about responsibility, time management, and customer service while providing a valuable service to their community. Promoting their cleaning services through word-of-mouth, local advertising, and social media can help build a client base. Hootsuite reported that advertising on social media was a productive way to attract a bigger audience.


In this article, we explored various small business ideas for teens. From dog grooming to house cleaning, each idea offers a distinctive opportunity for teens to learn and earn. By starting their own businesses, teens gain valuable experience and confidence. This guide is designed to inspire teens to find their entrepreneurial spirit and turn their interests into profitable ventures.

FAQ: Starting a Small Business as a Teenager

What is a good business to start at 16?

At 16, a great business idea could be a dog walking or photography business. These allow for flexibility and can be very rewarding.

What business can you start at 15?

Starting a pet sitting or lawn care business can be ideal at 15, offering valuable experiences in responsibility and client management.

How can I start a successful business at 14?

At 14, consider businesses like a delivery service business or a web designer role. These can develop technical and logistical skills.

Can a 14 year old have a small business?

Yes, a 14 year old can start a small business. Options include online game streaming or a window-washing business, which can teach various skills.

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