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Feeling Trapped in the 9 to 5 Grind? Searching for a Way Out?

Stuck in a dead-end job or between careers? One day you're managing to get by, and the next, you're overwhelmed by the rising costs of living and the pressures of an uncertain economy. "Is there a better way to achieve financial freedom? Can I really make a living online? What steps do I need to take to start my own business?"

Or maybe you're just tired of the daily commute and long hours, yearning for the flexibility and independence that come with working for yourself. Inconsistent income, rising debts, and the dream of a remote lifestyle feel out of reach. More than anything, you want practical advice and a clear path to building a sustainable online business. The guidance you need is right here with Academy Ecommerce.

Why the Elite Group?

The backstory—when Edwin started his business online, he was climbing the corporate ladder, working alongside high-end professionals with impressive salaries. One day, during a meeting, it hit him: why am I here when a multi-billion dollar industry is investing in my yearly salary? Clearly, they see value in me. Like any business, their investment in me meant they expected substantial returns, highlighting my potential to drive growth.

Realizing his value, Edwin decided to invest in himself. He sacrificed his weekends to launch his first ecommerce store selling fitness gear. This endeavor involved building a Shopify store and mastering digital marketing essentials. The store's success was undeniable—he was earning more part-time than in his full-time corporate job. The math was simple, so he resigned and devoted himself fully to his online business. The business flourished, but what truly excited Edwin was building stores and scaling businesses.

One day, he helped a friend build their Shopify website, and it clicked—helping others achieve financial independence through business was his true passion. This led to the creation of his digital marketing agency, where he spent over a decade helping businesses scale. However, as his agency grew, so did his prices, making it difficult for startups to afford his services. Recognizing this gap, Edwin saw an opportunity. Instead of turning away lower-budget startups, why not empower them through courses that teach them to build their businesses themselves? This approach allows startups to bootstrap their initial phase and set the foundation for future growth.

Thus, the Elite Group was born—to provide the guidance and resources Edwin wished he had when he started. It's a community where aspiring entrepreneurs can gain the knowledge and support needed to succeed, without the hefty price tag.

Inside the Elite Group:

Mentorship Meetings Twice a Month

Twice a month, immerse yourself in live, interactive Zoom calls where we cover all aspects of starting and scaling your digital business. Whether it's tackling business ventures, overcoming challenges in digital marketing, or navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship, these sessions are designed to provide actionable insights and foster a supportive community. Engage with fellow members, share your experiences, and learn from guest speakers who specialize in various business niches. Each call is a chance to network with like-minded professionals and gain valuable knowledge that can propel your business forward.

Digital Workshops

Our digital workshops are hands-on sessions focused on practical exercises to start, grow, and scale your business. Explore unique strategies for social media growth, innovative business practices, and effective scaling techniques. These workshops are designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge to enhance your online presence and achieve your business goals. By participating, you'll gain practical skills and insights that you can immediately apply to your business efforts.

Gigs and Opportunities

At Academy Ecommerce, we connect our members with exclusive opportunities to partner with established online businesses. These collaborations allow you to gain real-world experience and boost your business from the ground up. Whether you're looking to join forces with proven enterprises or seeking mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, our network provides the perfect platform to accelerate your growth and achieve tangible results.

Free Guides and Templates

As part of your membership, you'll receive access to a wealth of free guides and templates that have proven success in scaling businesses. From the latest trends in website development to cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, our resources are designed to keep you ahead of the curve. Additionally, we offer unique opportunities to resell digital products for 100% profit, allowing you to maximize your earnings and expand your business potential. These tools and resources are shared during our meetings, ensuring you have everything you need to succeed.

Meet Edwin Anthony

Founder & CEO of Rezolutions Design

Trailblazing entrepreneur. Shopify Expert Pioneer. Edwin Anthony is the founder and CEO of Rezolutions Design, an award-winning digital software and marketing agency with over a decade of excellence. Recognized as one of the first Shopify Experts, Edwin has built and scaled ecommerce brands to achieve 8-figure annual revenues.

As a seasoned business strategist, Edwin excels in providing cutting-edge advice on tech challenges and the latest IT trends, including the transformative world of AI. His mission is clear: to help over 1 million people embark on their entrepreneurial journey towards financial independence.

With a passion for all things digital marketing, Edwin loves discussing website presentation, branding, conversion optimization, SEO, and broader digital marketing strategies. His expertise and enthusiasm make him a guiding light for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to thrive in the digital landscape.

Invest in your Success


What specific skills and knowledge will I gain from these course?

Depending on the course you choose to invest in, each has its own focal point of expertise:

  • Website Foundation Courses: Gain knowledge on creating the core tech foundation of your website, enabling effective customer purchases.
  • Top of the Funnel Strategies: Learn marketing tactics that attract potential customers to your business.
  • Mid-Funnel Strategies: Master techniques that engage and convert leads into paying customers.

Each course provides valuable skills that you can apply to build your own business or offer as a freelancer to serve others' businesses. The common denominator across all courses is the ability to create, enhance, and optimize digital marketing efforts for tangible results.

How is the course structured, and what is the duration?

he course is structured as a comprehensive list, allowing you to either jump around to find specific answers or strategies or follow it step-by-step. While you have the flexibility to focus on individual topics, it’s highly recommended to watch the course in sequence. Each chapter builds on the previous ones, containing crucial components that are essential for a complete understanding. Missing a chapter can lead to gaps in knowledge.

The duration to complete each course varies, typically taking between 2 weeks to one month, depending on the time and dedication you commit to learning.

Is there any additional investment outside this course?

Yes, there is. For example, if you are building your website, you will need to pay for the Shopify platform fee. However, we provide a link where you can start for as little as $1/month for up to 90 days. This gives you enough time to watch the course and build your site effectively. Other courses may also have their own platform fees or recommended software tools to streamline the process.

What kind of support and resources are available during and after the course?

Upon purchase, students can email with any questions regarding their investment. If you need further assistance in building the explained lessons from the courses, we offer a membership program. This program includes virtual meetings where we can provide face-to-face help, sharing our computer screens to guide you through any challenges.

How much money can I earn after I take these courses?

The potential earnings after taking these courses depend entirely on the effort and dedication you put into your business. Like any business investment, there is no guaranteed silver bullet for making tons of cash. It's crucial to perform thorough research on the niche you are pursuing, as not all niches are created equal. Some markets have strong demand, while others may have little to none. Your success will largely be determined by the effort you invest and the strategic research you conduct in your chosen business niche.

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